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Electric Bicycle Workshop

Coastal Electric Bicycles has all the equipment and know how needed to keep your Electric Bicycle running perfectly. We have the latest diagnostic equipment for most brands on hand. Our extensive range of tools and know how ensures that we can get your E-Bike up and running again or keep it running perfectly for you.

Our workshop is great for wheel repairs, drivetrain servicing, trouble shooting, updating software, suspension setup and servicing. We also hold a huge range of parts for both routine maintenance and upgrading your ride to improve performance.

Feel free to give us a call or send an enquiry about maintaining, repairing or upgrading your E-bike. We will get you booked in and your bike sorted in a no time.

For Bookings Call: 02 4324 8916

Bronze Service

A complete check over and adjustment of your gears and brakes.


Also including a check of your bearing preload in the headset, hubs and bottom bracket

Silver Service

Get your bike running smoothly again

A complete degrease and rebuild of the drive train, headset, bottom bracket and adjustment of brakes

Wheel True

Broken spokes? Woobley Wheels?

Let our mechanics straighten your wheel and retention your spokes

Brake Bleed

Mushy or poorly performing brakes? 

A brake bleed may be just what your bike needs.

We have a huge range of additional services at reasonable prices. Please get in contact via the below form or call us to enquire.

Electrical diagnostics and adhoc mechanical work is charged at $110 hour hour in 15 minute increments. Our experience in electric bicycle servicing will help ensure that your repair costs are very reasonable. 

For upgrades and mechanical repair we have a quoting service as well that will give you piece of mind. 

Workshop Enquiry

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