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New to the Monteer range! Now in 3500 lumensThe Monteer 3500 is the entry level model in the Monteer MTB light series, with 3500 lumens of max output and optimized beam pattern for mountain and enduro riding.3500 lumens max of verified output

Flood light – 1800 lumens max;

Spot light – 1400 lumens max5,200mAh battery,

Micro USB charging and discharging100 – 50 – 25 – 10% and

Flash modes

1.5 hour runtime on max brightness, full beam mode,

75 hours on 10% half beam mode

Garmin base,

lightweight handlebar mount with strapse challenge.

MAGICSHINE Monteer 3500S Nebula - Front Light - MS-MJ-6116 Battery Included

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