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The Monteer 6500S Zeus is MTB headlight designed for the most serious mountain biking enthusiasts, downhill racers and those who want nothing less than professional grade lighting system that can outshine the landing light on a passenger airliner.


6500 lumens max of verified output, 5x CREE XHP 50.2 LEDs


280m max beam distance, 20000CD beam intensity


Comes without 2.4G wireless remote control MS-MJ-6396 with 15ft range.


Flood light – 4000 lumens max; Spot light – 2600 lumens max


10,000mAh battery, USB Type-C charging and discharging


100 – 50 – 25 – 10% and Flash mode, low power mode triggered at 5% battery capacity


1.5 to 2 hour runtime on max brightness, full beam mode


Power switch turns red at 20% battery remaining, flashing red at 5%


Garmin base, aluminum alloy out front style handlebar mount


Handlebar mount designed for 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars


Only compatible with MJ-6275 extension cable


Monteer 6500S Galaxy V2 remote adopts 2.4G wireless transmission tech, supports reliable remote control within 5m range. The hands free and super convenient wireless remote adopts an elegant minimalist style design with two control buttons, aimed at further enhancing the ease of use for the trail rider. The controls are designed with maximum convenience in mind. Both buttons can turn on/off the main light, brightness can be cycled without flash in between, when the trail gets rough, one press to instantly activate max brightness no matter the mode and easily go right back to where you were.


1) Disconnect the light head from the battery.
2) Press and hold the both buttons at the same time to enable search mode.
3) When the indicator lights starts to flash, reconnect the light head to the battery. The main light should flash once and the remote indicator lights should stop flashing, indicating successful pairing

Long press either of the buttons to turn on/off the light.

Rectangular button:
1. Short click to switch on the maximum mode, and click it again to back to the last mode.
2. Double click to switch on the upper/down/all LEDs.


Round button:
1. Short click to change the brightness.
2. Double click to change the mode (constant/flash).

. Boasting massive 8000 lumens with five top CREE® LEDs
. 32°and 21°beam angle.
. Special custom-engineered multiple flats lamp cups.
. Each LED can work independently, from soft light to the maximum beam.
. Monteer 8000S will shine any detail on your way, assure perfect illumination near and far for all MTB and trail riders.


. 4 latest 5000 mAh battery cells of 10,000 mAh capacity
. USB-C PD fast charging & discharging function, its battery pack can charge your device at the highest speed as a high-end power bank
. IPX 5 waterproof for the whole

Thanks to the cutting edge thermal analytic technology, Monteer 8000S is able to maintain the minimum size with supreme power, and thus riders will enjoy a very light and easy travel without worry about extra weight. Garmin type mount supports both handlebar and helmet attachments, even compatible with GoPro, computer and phone, offer riders with flexible choices; mil-spec construction with aluminium alloy case, built-in smart temperature control system, and unique heat fin ensure high cooling efficiency; supreme IPX5 waterproof rate that is able to withstand in all kinds of weather conditions - Monteer 8000S V2.0 is ready for the most aggressive challenge.

MAGICSHINE Monteer 6500S Zeus V2 - Front Light - MS-MJ -6118 Battery Included -

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